Our Public Schools Work – Student Voice – EDE #73 for 2014/15

Every Day Evidence #73 for 2014/15

April 13, 2015

Good Morning Governor Snyder, Senator MacGregor, Representatives, VerHeulen, Lyons, Brinks, Dillion, Yonker, Hooker,

and Afendoulis,

We are providing factual information to our community members regarding Proposal 1.  While we do not always agree with our Governor and Legislators about their actions regarding public education, we do “step-up” and do the right thing when something benefits the greater community.

Questions for Your Consideration:

  1. Are your legislative actions confusing entrepreneurs and innovators when you address education issues?
  2. Do you believe that educators are part of the solution rather than the problem?
  3. Are your legislative actions strengthening the relevance of public education?

Every Day Evidence

Today’s EDE comes from Instrumental Music teacher Joyce Antel and from one of her former music students.  OUR EDUCATORS ARE THE SOLUTION.

“I used to be at Northview playing the flute at Highlands. I am not sure if you remember me but you gave me a very positive musical and band experience… I am now in the 7th grade at City Middle High and playing the flute. I was invited to play in the Zero-Hour band, (with 11th and 12th graders) and preformed with them at their concert, and at Festival. The past weekend I participated in the Federation Festival (solos) and got a “superior” in both theory and flute performance. I have also played at solo and ensemble festival last season and received a One, and I plan on playing at spring S&E. I also am participating in Blue Lake International this Summer for 3 weeks overseas. I would like to thank you for the musical impact you made on my life and for encouraging me to stick with the flute. You were my first teacher and supporter.

Thanks Again,


Wow!…Max!  It’s so good to hear from you!  I and your former class mates miss you a great deal.  I knew you would excel with your flute playing.  You grasped everything so quickly and always had a “Golden” tone quality.  

You must have Mr. Schroeder now, is that correct?  His daughter was in my band many years ago, and I gave her private lessons (she was also an awesome flute player). He must love having you in his band.  :-)

I am so glad you contacted me to let me know how you are doing and of the successes you are experiencing.  Keep me posted on how Blue Lake goes. I would love to hear about your experience overseas.

Take care and I look forward to hearing from you again,

Mrs. Antel”

Fun Fact

Northview High School teacher Brian Bollone breaks the mold of traditional high school science classes.  Take a few minutes to view this video clip – http://wotv4women.com/2015/02/24/breaking-the-mold-of-traditional-science-classes/


Mike Paskewicz, Superintendent

Northview Public Schools

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