Every Day Evidence #86 for 2014/15 – Parent Voice

Every Day Evidence #86 for 2014/15 – Parent Voice

June 22, 2015

Good Morning Governor Snyder, Senator MacGregor, Representatives, VerHeulen, Lyons, Brinks, Dillion, Yonker, Hooker, and Afendoulis

Currently our Michigan Legislative body is working on finding $1.2 billion in “road funding” in order to make Michigan a TOP TEN state for roads.  The current School Aid Budget included a $25.4 million allocation for 3rd grade reading in order to make Michigan a TOP TEN state for academic achievement.

Questions for Your Consideration:

  1. The new School Aid Bill resulted in a $50 per pupil increase in the net-operating revenue. This is approximately a .6% net operating revenue increase for Northview. This is unrestricted revenue.  Do you believe this covers the inflation rate?
  2. Yes, we did receive a $48 per pupil increase in “at risk” funding that is restricted.  Do you know the criteria for use of the $48 per pupil?
  3. Are you aware that the overall funding for K-12 is about the same as the level of funding in Governor Granholm’s last year in office? The priorities changed to cover retirement costs established by previous Legislative actions.
  4. Are you aware that the MPSERS was established by the Legislature not by school districts collective bargaining agreements? Our MI legislators state that paying down this legacy cost will result in more money for K-12 …….. in 2034.
  5. Are you aware of the size of the budget cuts in Grand Rapids Public Schools, Forest Hills Public Schools, East Grand Rapids Public Schools, and other districts in your legislative boundaries?
  6. Are your actions strengthening the relevance of public education?

Every Day Evidence – Graduate Success – Dual Enrollment

Today’s EDE is a pair of email messages between Northview HS Principal Mark Thomas and the parent of a freshman student.


Thanks so much for taking the time to share your comments.  I am very happy Aiden has enjoyed the transition to high school.  Mrs. Rodegher has a tremendous personality and cares so much about all of her students.  She has the unique ability to make learning fun and engaging every day.  She loves music, has a great sense of humor, and truly empowers students to explore the learning.  I learn all sorts of things from her about effective instruction and student engagement.

Please tell Aiden to stop by my office in the next week or two.  I would enjoy sitting down with him in order to hear his thoughts on his freshman year… things he liked and also some things he thinks we could improve upon now that he has the ability to reflect a bit.

Thanks for selecting Northview Public Schools and trusting us with your most precious possessions.  We will always try our best to help them in any way possible.  Feel free to reach out at any time if there is anything I/we can ever do to be of assistance.  My cell phone is ……………. if you ever need to contact me directly.

Thanks again and have a great day!  Take care.  Mark

Parent email:

Hello, Mr. Thomas. I wanted to take a minute to let you know how much my son ( Aiden ) has enjoyed his first year of high school. Being a freshman isn’t always easy, as I’m sure you know, but a lot of why Aiden has enjoyed it has a lot to do with his teachers:) One in particular, Mrs. Rodegher.

She is fantastic! Aiden has loved her teaching style, and the joy she passes on to the kids. He comes home and tells me about her class almost daily. She truly loves what she does and it shows, and my son has been the beneficiary of that!

It makes a mom pretty darn happy to know my son ( and his brothers to follow) are in a school system that cares about our kids!

Thank you!



Fun Fact

Our roads do need improvement and you plan to allocate $1.2 Billion.  Reading at grade level by the end of third grade is important and an “upstream solution.”  You allocated $25.4 Million.  Your Legislative actions show your priorities. Kent County ISD school districts have done their part.  Now it is time for our Legislators to do their part and increase K-12 by a “3% net-operating revenue” in each of the next three years.


Michael F. Paskewicz, Superintendent

Northview Public Schools

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